My name is R. Valverde. I am sixty-seven years old. I live in Novato, California and am married and have three daughters and seven grand children. I taught high school English and French in the San Francisco Unified School District and retired in 1997. I am Catholic and have attended daily Mass most of my life.

            For the last ten years, I have been going regularly to a dermatologist to have small patches of skin cancer removed from my face, head and neck and to have three benign tumors removed.

            During a routine visit to the dermatologist, in October 2003, a melanoma growth was discovered on my lower left leg.  The subsequent CT scan, in November of 2003, revealed cancerous lymph nodes in my left groin.

            Melanoma cancer is a particularly pernicious cancer that generally offers little to no chance of recovery. The cancer spreads through the lymph system and can move throughout the body very quickly.

            I had successful surgery in February 2004. 

            In July 2004, during a routine follow-up CT scan, more melanoma was discovered in my lower left abdomen.

            I told my friend, Dr. Eva Carrier, an oncologist, about the melanoma and she told me to go to the Life Vessel.  She actually made an appointment for me. I flew to Arizona the next day for my first Life Vessel experience.  This was August 2004. I have continued the Life Vessel Treatments each month there after.

            Even though I was receiving treatments from the Life Vessel, my family insisted that I have a second operation.

            After the second surgery in November 2004, I followed the advice of the doctor and the wishes of my family to undergo the intravenous Interferons for twenty days.

            At the end of the twenty days of Interferons, (five days a week, December 20 to January 18, 2004, one pint a day) I went to the Life Vessel.  The Interferons seem to pull my life's energy out of me.  I was fatigued, dizzy and rather weak. I had to be careful while I walked in order not to fall down.

            During some of the subsequent Life Vessel sessions, I cried with joy as I felt my life's energy flowing back into my body.  By the end of the fourth session of my monthly treatment, I felt full of energy and vitality. I was so thrilled. I could hardly express myself through my tears of gratitude.

            I told my oncologist that I decided to follow the Life Vessel sessions rather than to continue the Interferons injections for another eleven months.
            In February and May of 2005, the results of the two CT scans, showed that my body is clear of melanoma.  The oncologist was greatly surprised.  She told me, quite frankly, she expected to see more melanoma.

            In June 2005, I was admitted to the hospital with a severe staff infection in the area of my second surgery.  I was released from the hospital five days later with a catheter and a pump to clear the infected fluid.  Again I felt depressed and fatigued.  After the June Life Vessel treatment, I had my energy back.
            As of the time I am writing this history, September 2005, I have been to the Life Vessel for fourteen months and plan to continue. I would like to add, that during these months, I learned the importance of drinking the prescribed amount of water each day.

            Even though my recoveries from melanoma surgeries and infections are miraculous, what is most heartfelt for me is that I have more energy and vitality than I have ever had in my life. Even as an active, athletic teenager, I felt drugged, listless and was unable to think clearly.  

            The Life Vessel has cleared my head and eliminated my daily, hounding depression.  I need only about six hours a day of sleep instead of ten. I actually look forward to getting out of bed as never before.  I feel brighter, lighter, and more alive. I have a greater sense of wholeness and confidence as a loving human being. I expect to live a long, healthy and contented life to share with my family.

            I am truly grateful for the encouragement, kindness and miracles I have received in the face of a life-threatening cancer.

            I thank Barry McNew and the Life Vessel staff for MY NEW LIFE. 

            My life is just beginning.

With Love and Gratitude,
R. Valverde
September 2005