My name is Terry S. and my immune system started attacking itself in 1998. I first noticed my right hand tingled and went numb when I was at the computer. Then splotchy rashes appeared on my body and fatigue set in. Scleroderma is an auto immune disorder of the connective tissue. Inflammation starts and then scar tissue forms in the skin and organs, which leads to thickening and finally a firmness of the skin and/or organs that can get as hard as wood.  It is extremely painful and there is no known cure or effective treatment.
            As the years progressed the disease got harder and harder to manage.  There was dysfunction of the digestive track. The esophagus stopped functioning properly, furthering digestion problems. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months and had open wounds on both arms. Depression set in. I had stiffened up so severely that I could not feed, dress, shower and had trouble walking. Since the pain was so extreme I was taking heavy doses of Hydrocodone, along with several other drugs that had no effect.
             In 2001 I got a staff infection in a finger and three rounds of antibiotics were unable to touch it.  Doctors set up an appointment for amputation. Ten days before the amputation, I found out about the Life Vessel.  I did a one-hour Life Vessel session every third day for 9 days. During that time, I also used a silver solution to clean out the infected wound.  Within the first week the infection began to abate and by the 10th day, I had new pink skin in place of the infection. After that I started on the regular protocol of four sessions every 21 – 25 days.  I was able to cut my pain medication to half the dose and later to ¼ dosage.  Later in the year, I went on an extended vacation and missed 4 months of Life Vessel sessions. After the vacation, I noticed my improvement stopped. The pain became extreme again and I started taking full doses of Hydrocodone, along with several other drugs.  The disease returned with a vengeance.  Within those four months I had regressed to the point that I was home bound, unable to drive and function enough to take care of myself.
            At that time, I made arrangements to continue Life Vessel sessions. Within three months the pain was all but gone. But the returning disease had done a great deal of damage. My fingers were frozen. My mobility had regressed to a worse state than it had been before I started with the Life Vessel. My arms were frozen in a bent state so I could not lift them for any type of function.  Slowly over the months, the stiffness began to leave my limbs and the hard skin began to recede.  Today, I have regained function of my body. I can eats, bathe, drive and am able to do all the normal things people do, including taking care of two active teenagers.  As the disease continues to recede, I expects all traces to eventually disappear.
            I feel confident that if I had not found the Life Vessel, I would now be dead or in such a bad state that I would want to be gone. I live a full life now and am grateful very day for my health and the gift of life. I would recommend the Life Vessel to any one wanting to improve their health.