From: R. and M. Speth
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 12:47 PM
Subject: my daughter's fd is cured

My daughter's fd has been cured and I want to share with you our experience. If even one family has the same results as ours, it will be worth all of the skepticism that I am sure I will hear. I will leave out judgments and opinions and just tell you the facts.

Two years ago, my then 8 year-old daughter, Nicole, was in gymnastics. She started complaining of pain in her right hip area. Her pediatrician took an x-ray, and the next three days were a blur of testing, a leukemia scare, and an oncology visit. I was terrified. She was diagnosed with fd in her pelvis and the entire femur. The x-rays were shocking to me. The bone in the right leg was bright white in the x-ray. I found this website and was referred to a wonderful orthopedist (thank you). He discussed that the bone was already starting to bow from the weight and talked about the likelihood of surgery and pins.

Several friends told me to go see Barry Mcnew in Cottonwood, Arizona. He has a device he calls the Life Vessel. It is a chamber that delivers light, sound, and frequency to the person who lays in it. It's purpose is to balance the body so that the body can heal itself. He has two Life Vessels in Cottonwood and two in Pittsburgh. My husband took our daughter to Cottonwood and she completed three one hour sessions in the Life Vessel over a three day period. Her orthopedist then took another x-ray. The fd was still present in her pelvis, but the bone marrow signal was normal with the exception of the very upper portion of the femur. The doctor said that he wanted to hold off on any surgery to see how she progressed.

Nicole went back to Cottonwood for three more sessions. She then underwent a full body scan, since the doctors wanted to confirm that the fd was not present anywhere else. The body scan showed that she had no signs of fd anywhere - not even in the pelvis or femur. A follow up xray six months later still showed no signs of fd.

I don't pretend to be an expert, but my understanding is that this kind of remission is at least unusual, if not very rare.

It is important to know that Nicole was 1000.10 convinced that she would be cured, and I know that kind of attitude is important to any treatment. When she is asked about how the Life Vessel cured her, she always responds that the Life Vessel did not cure her, it balanced her body so that her body could heal itself.