Jack HouckJ. Houck (64 years old)

I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 38 years. In September of 2002, I heard about the Life Vessel from a friend who described observing incredible healing in Cottonwood, Arizona. I requested an appointment because my hands and feet were in constant severe pain from diabetic neuropathy, with major discoloration of my feet.
This friend met me at the Phoenix airport a few weeks later on October 10, 2002 and drove me to Barry’s facility in Cottonwood. As we entered the parking lot, my body began shutting down. I was semi-conscious as they helped me into the facility and immediately put me on the Heart Rate Variability system. I remember hearing Barry say, “Oh my God.” The reading for the parasympathic side of my autonomic nervous system had no activity and around 1% of normal on the sympathic side. I was dying. They quickly put me into the Life Vessel. An hour later, Barry got me out of the “Box” and I realized that I was alive and half the pain in my hand and feet was gone. As I hopped around the waiting area with joy, I realized that I could clap my hands, which I had been unable to do for at least three years, and somehow, both of my shoulders that had been locked, had released and I was able to lift both arms above my head for the first time in a long time. My autonomic nervous system became balanced, even though the activity level was still low (less than three percent on each side). A miracle had happened!
I received three treatments in the Life Vessel that first weekend with continuous improvement. Of course I told all my friends about the experience and began going to Cottonwood once a month for additional treatments. The place is very relaxing and the people are so friendly. All of them have healing stories and they are all very supportive of each other.
In the spring of 2003, I noticed that all the pain in my hands and feet was gone. The discoloration in my feet was gone and the skin had regained the appearance of normal flesh. Also the Heart Rate Variability testing began to show that the neuropathy throughout my nervous system was beginning to disappear. What? No medical doctor ever told me that it was throughout my body, only where it was obvious in my hands and feet. By then, Barry had switched me to a better diet with supplements that resulted in a weight loss of around 15 lbs. My daily average insulin requirement dropped from 48 units to 35 units. I have a way to go to get completely off the insulin, but using the Life Vessel has improved both my medical condition and my life.
Meanwhile, I became so interested in the Life Vessel technology that I retired from the Boeing Company, after 42 years of engineering, and have dedicated my management and technical experience to helping Barry create his new company and to help heal people throughout the world.