July 30, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to reference my phenomenal experience of the healing device known as the Life Vessel in Cottonwood, AZ on July 19,20 & 21, 2004.
I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in late 1995. Since that time I have undergone a variety of traditional and non-traditional treatments but avoiding the commonly prescribed dopamine substitutes such as Synamet (sp?). Although I am among the 25% of Parkinson's patients who do not suffer pronounced tremors my symptoms, including impaired gait, loss of sense of taste, locking of joints and loss of fine motor control had progressed to the point that I was no longer able to function effectively in ordinary social or business settings.
By the time I arrived for treatment in Cottonwood I was unable to lift my feet fully off the floor when walking. Additionally my loss of balance led to frequent falls and I was prone to accidentally biting the inside of my mouth and tongue hard enough to make them bleed. I was also extremely depressed and despondent about the future.
After the first one-hour treatment I was amazed to be able to take full heel to toe strides with excellent balance. Following three more immediately subsequent treatments I have now been over one week with no recurrence of any symptoms and feel better than I have in years. Although I have been informed by the staff at Life Vessel that I may need periodic treatments for the rest of my life I am unequivocally delighted with the results.
I have absolutely no understanding of nor explanation for the incredible improvements I have experienced. I believe the Life Vessel represents an unprecedented advance in treatment methodology that bears immediate consideration and implementation by the traditional medical establishment.
I would be more than willing to submit myself for examination by any medical or scientific body interested in the effectiveness of the Life Vessel and recommend it without reservation.
This statement is given of my own volition without any inducement or encouragement of any kind from anyone connected with the Life Vessel.

S. Degraffenreid
Social Network Analyst
972-307-0021 \ www .necessarymeasures.com