The Scottsdale Center

The Scottsdale Center is located in North Scottsdale, one-half mile from Carefree. Beautiful vistas, cooler weather and clean air make it a perfect location for those seeking healing.

From the start of the Life Vessel in northern Arizona Red Rock Country, thousands of people have experienced healing and well being. Although no marketing or advertising was done for the first eight years, it continued to thrive due to client referrals and based on the concept that the body does not know disease by name.™ The body knows only imbalance, blockages, abnormal responses and the inabilities which keep it from operating in a state of Health and Wellness. Medicine calls this disease.

Advanced Health and Wellness is a key component of the Center. Its success depends on its various forms and not disease. An understanding of this basic concept is discussed with each individual visiting the Center. Knowing and understanding what constitutes health is just as important as understanding a diagnosis of disease. Balance is the word most often used, Balance of the whole being. Some of the main factors affecting Health and Wellness most profoundly are… balance in diet, balance in rest and in exercise, balance in our personal relationships, balance in our work and play. When balance is achieved, Health and Wellness can be maintained.

Water and hydration play a pivotal role in achieving balance in our life’s Health and Wellness. Every function occurring in the body requires communication between cells. That communication is carried by electrons through the water outside the cells. All biochemical and metabolic reactions within the cells depend on water. These reactions are compromised or stopped without adequate water. The body is approximately 70% – 75% water by weight. As we age, the body loses its reserve water capacity within the cells and relies on water outside the cells to hydrate itself and also has a decreased ability to re-hydrate. Proper maintenance of hydration from water before thirst is perceived is the only way to replace the water capacity within the cells, thus maintaining Health and Wellness. Imagine trying to run a car without oil. Efficiency slows, parts break down, all function stops. The importance of keeping the body hydrated when using the Life Vessel is highly recommended.

The protocol for Life Vessel visits is four 1-hour sessions over three days. The first day a person comes, there is an intake and discussion about the Life Vessel and the first 1-hour session. On the second day there are two sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each lasting 1- hour. On the third day, the final 1-hour session is given and the visit is complete. The frequency of visits is determined by the health needs of the individual. Usually, the more imbalanced a person’s health, the more time it takes to get them back into a state of Health and Wellness. Once the desired state is reached, people come back for maintenance only. And for those who are blessed with good health, preventative visits are made infrequently.