Life Vessel™ Corporation

The Life Vessel™ Corporation is an Arizona corporation. The Life Vessel™ is a non-invasive apparatus that uses the frequency of sound and light. It is patented (US patent # 06544165) and cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical device (510K #070690).

For more information call 480.488.7780 or email

U.S. Businesses utilizing Life Vessels:

Life Vessel Arizona
7301 E. Sundance Trail Ste D-103
Carefree, Arizona 85377

Life Vessel Santa Fe
66 Avenida Aldea
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Life Vessel Advanced Wellness
20311 SW Birch St., Ste 150
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sound Health
1625 Folsom St
Boulder, CO 80302

Life Vessel of the Rockies
1020 West 124th Ave. Ste 100
Westminster, CO 80234

Life Vessel Santa Barbara
5350 Hollister Ave. Ste. C
Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2326