About the Life Vessel™

Recent clinical research suggests that the human body, when able to go into a natural state of relaxation and balance can produce dramatic results which allow the body to create natural healing. The Life Vessel® is a non-invasive patented (US6544165B1) apparatus that uses frequency, vibration, sound and light to enable a person to reach this natural state, allowing the body the ability to heal itself.

The Life Vessel™'s ability to balance and relax the body is accomplished by a direct affect on three major areas:

Balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the ANS.

De-Stressing the whole body – physically, mentally and emotionally

Detoxification of the whole body – physically, mentally and emotionally

Doctors suggest that 85% of all disease is caused by stress. Stress has a major effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). "The ANS is involved with virtually all diseases." (Clinical Autonomic Disorders, by Phillip A. Low).  Doctors know that by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the ANS, individuals respond differently to disease, injury, medicines and medical treatments.   The ANS regulates involuntary action of the entire body including the brain, heart, lung, intestines, and hormones, to name a few.  As the mind and body relax, oxygenation increases and allows all organs to function at a higher level. There also appears to be a shift in the hemispherical electrical activity in the brain and in the electrical activity of the heart.   There's an increase in one's self-awareness producing a more calm, natural and intentional present state. This balanced state mediates good health and well-being.  The Life Vessel® is able to balance the ANS by means of a one-hour session in a relaxing, non-invasive chamber. After the session, balancing can be observed by the use of an FDA approved device known as a "Heart Rate Variability Monitor," which measures the subtle differences in the organs and other parts of the body.

The body is a silent healer.  When the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is balanced, it creates millions of new cells every second. The liver can pick out a foreign substance from the blood and destroy it in a hundredth of a second. This happens because the ANS is in a balanced state.  No drug, doctor, hospital or clinic can do what the body can do for itself when the ANS is balanced.  Every cell, when given the chance, appears to have the potential to self-correct any dysfunction and disease thus allowing the potential for self correction in the entire body.  Our inborn self-healing mechanisms are greatest when the ANS is balanced. It is known that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  As science continues to learn more and more about the DNA of our bodies, we will come to understand the greatness of this healing mechanism, called ANS.

If the results received from other treatments and therapies have been disappointing and one is still not well, it's easy to be suspicious of yet another therapy. The concept of trusting our body to heal itself is met with skepticism.  We usually try to eliminate symptoms such as aches and pains without ever doing anything abut the real problem, the cause.  However, based on our clinical, biochemical, heart rate variability, and neurological test results, the Life Vessel® may prove to be one of the most powerful modalities to enhance and activate the body's natural ability for wellness. The Life Vessel® is FDA Cleared, Class II Medical device 510K #K070690.